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SHADEN Ozone water device for Industrial and commercial use

SHADEN AA101 Industrial and commercial High-concentration

SHADEN AA101 Industrial and commercial High-concentration

  • Category:SHADEN Ozone Water Device for Industrial and Commercial use
  • NoteAA101 ( 500mg/hr )
  • MemoMade in Taiwan with German technology
The best choice for central kitchen of food industry, public washbasin, clinic,
and pets beauty salon
  1. High-efficient, low cost, continues 24hours high-concentration ozone generation.        
  2. Instantaneously creates ozone water (needless waiting)
  3. Ozone emission has no second pollution; it also purifies sewer and river, and raises oxygen content in the water (Increasing oxygen)
  4. .Processing food of meat, fish, shrimp, shellfish for natural and organic (Replacing chemical preservative, natural, harmless, and money saving)
  5. Reducing chemicals and additives
  6. Decomposing harmful pollutants
  7. Power-saving, mute (Various to high power consumption of traditional ozone machine)
  8. Size small (Various to huge traditional ozone machine unit, which enables to fit in present unit for reinforcement of sterilization and keeping fresh)
  9. Simple installation
  10. Simple maintenance and changing of replacements
★O3 application
*Central kitchen and food industry
Ozone water removes pesticide residue and also works in aerating, fruit and vegetables get more crisp and tasty by ozone water washing, restraining mildew and yeast, extending preservation of fruit, vegetables, and meat.
Washing business place floor, dining utensils, hand wash before eating for customers by ozone water ensures safe and healthy, also improves hygiene, environmental protective and LOHAS image of industry.

*Swimming pool, SPA room
 Lots of public places as swimming pool, SPA room, and water park  gradually abandon chlorine sterilization for its harmful to human body, and ozone has already become designated water sterilization way in water competitions of Olympic Games
*Fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat processing and packing industry, and supermarket
Although fruit and vegetables have left mother plant, they are still live organic matter, and enable to continue life activities, releasing ripener automatically, fruit and vegetables has interaction of mildew and yeast, which accelerate maturity and decay of fruit and vegetables.
Ozone water oxidize and decompose ripener by oxidation function,
generating ethylene oxide to restrain mildew and yeast, and extend preservation of fruit and vegetable.
Washing seafood and meat by ozone water could sterilize and remove stench thoroughly, filling ozone water in frozen packing will prolong double freshness of preservation, and also maintain ability of sterilization to prevent food corruption.

*Waterworks in Developed countries
Developed countries in Europe, Japan, and United states use ozone as first sterilizing oxidant. Ozone has stronger bactericidal, 3000 times than chlorine to process tap water, not only eliminate microorganism of bacteria, virus, etc., also effectively decompose environmental hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide residue. As reservoir eutrophication getting worse recently, ozone could effectively decompose residue of invisible toxins in tap water.

*Hospital and nursing center
 Using ozone sterilization theory to do effective laundry of patients, not allowing germ and mildew infect interactively by clothing in the hospital.
*Aquaculture and agricultural livestock
Using ozone for sterilizing aquaculture water will keep fish, shrimp seedings, newborn livestock from death of infection germ in water, so that survival rate and production quantities will be highly improved
Using ozone water for cultivating adult fish proves that fish and shrimp are bigger than non-ozone cultivating ones and also increase of weight.

*Kindergarten and child care center
Enterovirus, other harmful virus and bacteria are effectively restrained and prevent collective infection by ozone washing. Set-up of only one generator could share multiple taps, which is convenient and effective.

*Wine industry
Good wine requires high quality water to remove odor and control bacteria, barrel and water treatment highly related to success of wine, and ozonated water could meet high-standard requirements of winemaker. Many winemakers replace sulfite by ozone to keep red wine fresh, and reduce drinker’s hangover of headache.
*Golf course
To grow green grass is inevitable to use large amount fertilizer and pesticide, and then penetrated as lake eutrophication; using ozone will effectively solve this problem. And ozone effectively controls midge breeding and propagation in ponds.
*Mask cosmetic factory and high technology industry
  Storage tank of pure water is sterile, but there are still many germs falling from the air, and germs are generated in the storage tank. Using ozone water could avoid bacteria breeding.
*Dairy and beverage factory
Ozone generator could be used in sterilizing pipes, milk storage jar, CIP pipelines, purifying water for production use, hands, clothing, fabric, and food pedal pond sterilization. Also for bottled drinking water and fresh food processing.
Installation example
“Grooming house” pets beauty salon with adoption of SHADEN ozone water sterilizer for keeping clean and skin care of pets, washing floor and pet potty for reducing odor of environment.
“Shannover Pasta” restaurant with adoption of SHADEN ozone water sterilizer for maintain safety of food, tableware, and water.


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